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What our clients say SEE NEWS!

"The coaching I had with Sue has been of great benefit to me. A great (but tough!) process and I would encourage anyone given the opportunity for good coaching to take it up."

Director, NHS Clinical Commissioning Group

"I found the programme incredibly useful and interesting. It has helped me to develop various skills and has changed the way I deal with situations. I would highly recommend this programme."

Director, Not-for-profit organisation

"Of course I realise now what I have to do next.
You're worth your weight in gold for that."

Chief Executive, Public sector body

"Sue was a great help to me in making sense of my career options and developing a personal strategy to put in place. The outcome of this process was a significant promotion."

Chief Executive, Local authority
"We've worked on our vision as a leadership team and we're so much happier with it now. That's due in large measure to the challenge you gave us in our first workshop, for which we thank you."

Chief Executive, Public sector authority
Sue Thomas Coaching Sue Thomas Coaching Sue Thomas Coaching
"This coaching process helped me to navigate through the tangled mass of undergrowth, enabling me to work on the roots of my business promoting security, stability and sustainable growth."

Chief Executive, Social Enterprise

"Sue has a great way of giving confidence."

Head of ICT, NHS Care Trust

"Business coach Sue Thomas helped me get right to the heart of the matter at a time of critical change in my business pathway and my life. Behind Sue's ever present smile was a quiet determination to engage with the real issues at stake. Invaluable work that will have a resonance for years to come!"

Founding Director, Media Social Enterprise

"I have felt the process to be completely 'safe'. Having the opportunity to fully work through issues is rare and a great help."

Executive Cabinet Member, Bristol City Council

"I would like to give you my sincere thanks for the coaching sessions we held over the last six months.

"What has impressed me is that I feel the objectives we set and achieved were my objectives and achievements. The knowledge and answers I was seeking either came from me by you asking the right questions or you guided me in the right direction. As a result the knowledge and benefits for me from the coaching sessions have a solid foundation to them.

"I was beginning to feel that I had reached a plateau in my career but now as a result of the coaching sessions I feel that with the ability and skills that have been developed I am ready to face new challenges and opportunities."

General Manager, Nelson Bakewell

"20 20 Plastics has used Sue Thomas Coaching to design and deliver two strategic development programmes. We have been very pleased with both the process and the results.

"The workshops have proved a highly effective use of our time. Sue is particularly good at drawing out contributions from the less vocal participants and balancing the interests of the group. She is not afraid to bring up potentially difficult topics, which she does clearly and calmly, while working to minimise any discomfort the group might feel discussing these subjects.

"Sue quickly grasped and then clarified what we wanted to achieve with excellent results. I would not hesitate to recommend her, and we would certainly use her again if the need should arise. All in all, highly successful."

Managing Director, 20 20 Plastics

"Sue Thomas was extremely good at appraising my core beliefs and giving me confidence to back myself. The experience was enjoyable and refreshing and I think the benefits will continue to be reaped for many years."

Managing Director, Bigbury Mint

"Sue Thomas' coaching has helped me to reflect and externalise certain habits in dealing with conflicts and workloads and supported me with ideas and strategies to enforce the helpful habits and break the unhelpful ones."

University of Exeter client

"We work in challenging times where the scale of change gets bigger and the pace quicker. Coaching has provided the opportunity for me to discuss and reflect on my coping strategies and re-evaluate what I'm trying to deliver. Sue has helped me get my perspective back."

Director, NHS Acute Trust

"I thoroughly enjoyed my coaching sessions with Sue. Her friendly, encouraging and creative approach really helped me expand my thinking. The sessions were thought provoking and enlightening."

Managing Director, Private sector company

"The coaching I have received has been invaluable in developing the business and in developing myself as a leader. Throughout the process Sue has challenged my assumptions and thinking allowing me much greater insight both personally and professionally... I couldn't fault the service - it was excellent!"

Senior Manager, Social Enterprise

"The interviews afforded me a rare opportunity to reflect
on my own performance. Looking in depth at areas of
possible improvement with an impartial, experienced person
had great value."

Assistant Director, Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust

"Sue Thomas is very good at listening to what you say
and summarising the key points. She gets you to really think
about the issues you raise and makes you do the work of
encouraging yourself to look for solutions. This method
of coaching helps you to search for the leader inside yourself."

Executive Cabinet Member, Bristol City Council

"Sue is an excellent coach who can draw on a wealth of experience. She has a very adaptable style which she uses to meet the needs of her client. I can recommend her."

Former Chief Executive, Public sector agency

"I found my coaching sessions with Sue extremely helpful and would recommend coaching to everyone. Coaching gave me the opportunity, in a safe environment, to explore challenges and formulate solutions."

Head of Service, Torbay Care Trust

"Sue Thomas Coaching has been such a positive experience - it has given me the confidence to develop within my current role and the reassurance that my problems and concerns were not unique!"

General Manager, Care Sector

"I have found Sue's coaching extremely beneficial in looking at my current working practice and future aspirations and seeing how I can modify the former to attain the latter. Really excellent!"

National Adviser, Improvement & Development Agency

"I just want to say thank you for the coaching sessions. It was a new and interesting experience for me. It came at the right time as my career trajectory was about to change and I needed the space / time to consider the implications. Thank you."

Senior Manager, University of Exeter

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